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the piedmontese


We are dedicated to producing the highest quality beef in the Northwest. Our care from start to finish incorporates every step of the cattle’s lifecycle.  This comprehensive approach ensures the beef that you take home is the best available.

EBF Beef
All local grass...all the time

Our cattle are raised on our farm’s fields, enjoying the sustainable pastures that lay within the Palouse’s fertile land.  The sustainable and stress-free practices we follow decrease the chance of disease, which allows us to raise natural beef without antibiotics, steroids or hormones.  We believe that our cattle produce the healthiest and tastiest flavored beef by being raised on our grasses 100% of the time.

Grass-fed and grass finished.

the piedmontese difference

We raise Piedmontese-cross Beef.  The Piedmontese breed originated in an isolated area of the Italian Alps.  They produce the best lean and flavored beef.  The Emtman brothers introduced this breed to the cattle’s heritage three decades ago to ensure we are producing the highest quality beef around. Read more about the benefits of the Piedmontese breed here.

frozen premium beef

Two locally owned butchers, Woods Meat Processing and LimitBid Packing, process our cattle. The beef is USDA inspected, cut, wrapped, and frozen after an aging period to secure the meats freshest and juiciest flavors. We always have a large variety of stock here at our farm’s market, but as we only sell what we grow, we may run out of high demand cuts at times. The best way to decide if local, 100% grass-fed beef is perfect for you is to give it a try. 

Cooking Our Beef

Our beef is different from other conventional store-bought beef. With our experience, we believe our beef should be treated delicately by slightly reducing cooking time and temperature. Do not overcook as our beef is very lean and tender by itself. 

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