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We believe great cooking starts with great ingredients, and great ingredients start with healthy, fertile soil. Emtman Brothers Farms is a multi-generational farm, just a few miles south of Spokane, Washington, that strives to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our farm provides tasty, healthful products to you, the local community, and the world.

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Our farm is family owned and operated by the Emtman brothers, Jeff and Randy and their father Roy, along with Randy's son, Greg. The love of the land spills over into the younger generations and other family members whom work alongside them.  It’s a pride thing.  They are stewards of the land and carefully conserve the fertile soils of the Palouse with sustainably rotated crops and no-till farming practices.  Their work ensures that the cattle enjoy the best life possible on the farm.  The goal is to enhance the ground that we farm so that it will become healthier than when we started.  This way of thinking drives all decisions that are made on the farm.

It’s a pride thing. It’s what our fathers have done for generations. John Emtman arrived on the Palouse in 1887 and pioneered a vision to provide high-quality food for his family, community, and the world.  His vision created the opportunity for several farms to evolve from his original homestead still in operation five generations later.  Our historic farm has become a multi-generational and multi-faceted farm with the same vision in mind.  We grow and provide tasty, healthful products to you.


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